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Driving fun Wednesday.. - The Anxiety Campfire for Men [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Driving fun Wednesday.. [Feb. 28th, 2007|09:04 pm]
The Anxiety Campfire for Men


[Current Mood |blah]

This day started out fine until I got on the road to get a pack of smokes and milk, and breakfast/lunch. For some reason everyone on the road was bothering me more than usual--the sheer volume of cars turning into mcdonalds, bicycle shops, walk-in clinics, right at the last minute when they were headed for the left-turn lane. This one f#*king van turned out of his aparment complex so I waited til he passed to turn into my own, and BAM!, he comes screeching in the entrance right in front of me, cutting me off. I stopped at the Village Inn, feeling worked up for no reason and waited by the host stand for a table. My stomach was gargling as I observed families in town for vacation move their jowels and gobble up their pancakes. No host was in sight. I waited 5 minutes at which point I said 'fuk it' out loud and left. I got back on the road, popped an ativan at the intersection of Busch and 30th, and settled on McDonalds which took me 15 min to get to going around the block again. When I got home and shoveled down my Big Mac and fries, I scooped up all my laundry and threw it into the machines and started painting to relax--(although the pill had already kicked in). I'm surprised at myself because I have about 20 of them left for emergencies, and before today hadn't used one in a week. I wish this would just go away and I could relax. It should be interesting this weekend when I get in the car to drive to Inverness. Sometimes I just wish I could grab what's in my head and chuck it out the car window so I can breathe.