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My Dual Life [Nov. 11th, 2005|12:38 pm]
The Anxiety Campfire for Men


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It occurs to me that I'm living through this anxiety, depression situation in two very separate ways. My friends and family all pretty much know that I'm getting some treatment. My co-workers know nothing. That really isn't a big deal I suppose except that everyone at my job is really into the "we're a family" type of thing and everyone knows everyone else's business. So, I just feel a little odd that I'm not as forthcoming with my personal life as they all are. Of course it's a little different sharing that your spouse is having eye surgery or you're taking something for your thyroid than it would be to tell that you're taking mind-altering drugs. LOL It shouldn't be that way but it is. My boss would have a great time kidding me about panic attacks. He would not be sensitive to it I'm sure. And when I have to leave work occasionally for a p-doc or therapist appointment; nobody knows where I'm going except that I have a "Doctor's Appointment." Can you hears the snickering they would do if they knew I was going to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist?

Am I being too sensitive? I won't ask if I should tell... because I know that I won't ever do that intentionally. It's just a quirk of my situation that I'm pondering. Otherwise, it's happy days for me.

[User Picture]From: mikey_kid
2005-11-29 02:43 pm (UTC)
I told people at work and I was suprised when alot of people were also seeing someone too.
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